Professional, Confidential, Discreet Investigations

Ekeholm is a full-service and state licensed private investigative firm. We offer a comprehensive suite of investigative solutions designed to meet your business and legal needs.


Our investigative solutions include locating, identifying, verifying people's backgrounds, their habits, whereabouts, history, aliases, and their assets to enable our clients to make informed business and legal decisions. Utilizing advanced technology, public records, multiple information sources, and highly skilled researchers, we are able to deliver reliable information better, faster, and for less.


Whether you need help with fraud prevention, locating assets to collect an unsatisfied judgment, conducting due-diligent research on a subject or business to support the legal process, or other specialized investigative services, our team of licensed investigative professionals have the experience, knowledge, and skills to obtain the results you are seeking.


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"Anyone having problems locating a person or their property should give Ekeholm and Associates a try. They will not be disappointed."


Managing Attorney, Georgia






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