Essential Plus Background Screening Package


Affordable flat-fee criminal record package that meets industry “best practices” of conducting a county-level criminal record checks in the current county of residence and all counties of residence for the last 7 years as reported in the SSN Trace with Address History. Also includes National Criminal and Sex Offender Database Check, National Criminal Records Verification and National Federal Criminal Records Check. Package price includes up to (3) three county-level criminal checks.  An additional fee will apply to each additional county-level search required.


Package includes the following searches:


  • SSN Validation
  • SSN Trace with Address History
  • County-Level Criminal Records Check - 7yr felony/misdemeanor county-level criminal records check in the current county of residence and all counties reported in the SSN Trace with Address History during the last seven (7) years.  (Average is 3-5 counties searched)
  • National Criminal and Sex Offenders Database Check - One search that contains more than 245 million criminal records from various counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), state sex offender registries, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Terrorist List, and Federal/State/Local Fugitive List.

  • National Criminal Records Verification -  In compliance with the FCRA 613(a)(2), and to ensure the accuracy of all reported records, we will re-verify any possible "hits" found in the National Criminal Check with the originating source before reporting.
  • National Federal Criminal Records Check - Federal-level searches involve cases in which a person was tried by the the United States government in a U.S. District Court. Some examples include fraud, tax evasion, cyber crimes, hate crimes, and organized crimes. This search is conducted using a public access system and searched nationwide. The information returned will consist of the defendant's name, case number, case type, and any available case details.


The National Criminal Check is particularly valuable for both identifying other states and counties to search that may not be revealed in the Identity Trace and reveal criminal histories that may exist in other states and jurisdictions. A county-level criminal verification of all possible records found will be conducted .


Coverage: Click here for the Jurisdictions Searched 


Recommended: Management or supervisory level positions. Additional ala-carte searches should be added accordingly based on the position of the applicant. Suggested additional searches to the Essential Package Plus may include Civil Records Check in last two (2) relevant counties for litigation matters that may be job related. Screening should be consistent and uniform to level of position.


Turnaround Time: 1-3 Business Days



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