E-Verify Designated Agent

E-Verify Designated AgentEkeholm provides employers with an effective and expedient method of complying with the legal requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA). As a federally approved Designated Agent of the DHS and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to perform I-9 searches on behalf of our clients, our I-9 solutions can help facilitate the efficiency of your employment eligibility program.


Streamline the I-9 Process

The Employment Verification Program (EVP) provides seamless integration into the federal government’s E-Verify Program with automated “right to work” verifications for employers. Using the specific information contained on the Form I-9, we electronically verify the accuracy of Social Security, Immigration “A” and I-94 numbers and provide a DHS-issued unique verification number, which should be attached to the employee’s original Form I-9. Our verification services are secure, quick, easy to use, and most importantly, they are accurate.


Key Features of Ekeholm’s I-9 Solutions:

  • Immediate Verification (within 3 to 5 seconds) of a newly hired employee’s legal authorization to work in the United States.
  • Seamless EVP processing from an “Archived” Electronic Form I-9 that reduces ancillary processing time and saves money.
  • EVP Standard Management Reporting capability.
  • EVP Result Page is electronically attached to the “Archived” Electronic Form I-9.
  • DHS and SSA Notice of Tentative Non-Confirmations and Referral Notices may be attached directly to the Electronic Form I-9, creating a paperless process.
  • No unnecessary duplication of EVP data entry information.
  • State of the Art “email notifications” of EVP “status changes” from SSA and DHS.
  • Easy access to all “Pending” EVP Results for immediate updating and resolution.


Key Benefits of utilizing Ekeholm’s I-9 Solutions:

  • Automates the I-9 Process
  • Provides integrated DHS Eligibility verification
  • Meets federal and state Compliance guidelines
  • Significantly reduce your potential risks of non-compliance which would result in exposure to financial penalties and consequent negative publicity. 
  • Help ensure workforce stability and assist in eliminating the potential for disruptive and costly turnover created by the mandatory removal of legally unauthorized employees.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your on boarding process by adopting the “Best Practices” processes inherent in the heightened verification standards provided by our seamless connectivity to E-Verify.  (Formerly know as The Basic Pilot Program).
  • Minimize the potential for attracting legally unauthorized candidates by acknowledging your participation in E-Verify.


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