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HomeSafe® provides inexpensive, fast, and comprehensive background screening checks for in-home service providers, such as home nurses, pet sitters, tutors, home service contractors, nannies, babysitters, and other domestics. HomeSafe® is valuable to protect your family from those you hire into your home.


We offer a comprehensive suite of background screening solutions that will meet all of your background screening needs.


HomeSafe® Package

Includes the following searches (see below for search descriptions):


  • SSN Trace with Address History
  • County-Level Criminal Records Check
  • National Criminal and Sex Offenders Database Check
  • National Criminal Records Verification
  • National Federal Criminal Records Check


Recommended: Cost-effective, essential basic criminal background check for all applicants. Additional searches should be added accordingly based upon the job tasks of applicant.  Results: Same day-72hrs. 


Individual Search Descriptions with Report Result Time

* Denotes package component



National Federal Criminal Records Check *

Federal-level searches involve cases in which a person was tried by the the United States government in a U.S. District Court. Some examples include fraud, tax evasion, cyber crimes, hate crimes, and organized crimes. The information returned will consist of the defendant's name, case number, case type, and any available case details.


Turnaround Time: Same Day


Considerations: If a name match is found, additional research of the case file may be required to obtain a positive identification, thus additional fees may apply.



Statewide Criminal Records Check

This is a statewide search of criminal records directly from the state central repository or clerk of courts (when applicable). The "central repository" is the designated/regulatory agency of each state that maintains criminal history records of those individuals whom have been subject to that state's criminal justice system. The vast majority of these records are reported from county courts and law enforcement.


Turnaround Time: 1-30 Business Days (Depends on the state)


Benefit: Covers a broader search area within the state where criminal records may exist outside of the county-level criminal check where applicant has lived, worked, or studied.


Considerations: Not all states are available. The statewide criminal search is only as accurate and current as the various law enforcement agencies and county courts reporting. Per a recent Department of Justice Study, many county courts are not reporting, reporting regularly, and/or not providing final arrest dispositions. Therefore, this search should only be used as a supplement to a county-level criminal records check.



National Criminal Database Check and Sex Offender Registry *

One search that contains more than 245 million criminal records from various counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), state sex offender registries, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Terrorist List, and Federal/State/Local Fugitive List . This search is particularly valuable for both identifying other states and counties to search that may not be revealed in the Identity Trace and reveal criminal histories that may exist in other states and jurisdictions.


Coverage: Click here for the Jurisdictions Searched 


Benefits: It is particularly valuable for identifying criminal records that may exist in other jurisdictions that may not be revealed in the county level criminal records check.


Turnaround Time: Instant


Recommended : All applicants


Important Note: This is a broad-based search performed by name and date of birth match. This search should be used only as a supplement to a county level criminal check. In compliance with the FCRA 613(a)(2), we will re-verify any possible records found with the originating source before reporting the search results.



County-Level Criminal Records Check *

7 yr search of felony and misdemeanor arrests and convictions in the county seat. Search results will include case number, case type, filing date, charge(s), arrest disposition, disposition date, and sentencing.



Motor Vehicle Record Check

Motor vehicle driving history and will reveal motor vehicle violations, suspensions, revocations, type of license, and restrictions.


Recommended: Applicant who would be driving a truck, company car or using machinery.


Turnaround Time: Instant in most states.



SSN Trace with Address History   *

The SSN Trace with Address History is universally the first search performed on applicants in the U.S. This search reveals any names and addresses associated with a given SSN and is essential to conducting county-level criminal court record searches. It helps verify applicant's name, other names used, and address history as indicated on their application as source to cross-reference the authenticity of their identity. It also serves to locate other jurisdictions to check for a possible criminal history that applicant may not have included on their application.


Turnaround Time: Instant 


Recommended: All applicants



Verification Services

Provides verification of  your choice of employment, professional license or education information supplied by applicant. Typical TAT is same day-72hrs.


Employment - dates of employment , job title, starting and ending salary, and other general comments by employer as available.


Professional License - license type, issuing jurisdiction/state, license number, date issued, expiration date, and license status.


Education - dates attended, degree claimed, and major.



Civil Record Search

7yr search by county in the upper and lower court of the county seat. Search is conducted by searching under Defendant name. Typical results will include case number, case type, claim amount, case disposition, and judgments.


Recommended: To detect any law suits, paternity suits, domestic disputes, divorce, restraining orders, etc. and to identify any court settlements that would indicate a risk when hiring an applicant.


Turnaround Time: 1-3 Business Days (depends on the jurisdictions searched)



Eviction History

National database search of tenant evictions. Search by Defendant, individual or business, per state; all available records are returned.


Recommended: All prospective tenants. Since this is a database search, search results should be verified prior to making a rental decision and supplemented with reference checks of previous landlords since not all landlords pursue civil action.



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