With so many choices, selecting a background screening partner can be a daunting task. To simplify the selection process, we recommend that you utilize the same due-diligence and care in selecting a background screening partner as you would when selecting a Private Investigator, Attorney, Accountant or any other professional service provider who provides sensitive, critical, and possibly litigious, information.  While pricing should be a consideration, it is unwise to select any provider solely based on selling “data” at the lowest price.  Below are a few other considerations:


  1. Licensing:  Does the company maintain a current Private Detective Agency license in their state of incorporation?  Note: Several states consider the business of conducting employment background checks to be "investigative" by state statutory definition and, therefore, require individuals and companies who conduct employment background checks to be state licensed as a Private Detective Agency. We encourage you to inquire directly with the applicable state licensing agency to determine if a PI license is required for employment screening firms.
  2. Insured: Do they maintain professional liability insurance?
  3. Experience: How long has the company been in business?
  4. Experience: Does the owner/management team have hands-on experience in conducting comprehensive background checks?
  5. Reputable: Does the company belong to any professional associations, such as the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)?
  6. Supplier Diversity: Is the company a certified diversified company? (Minority, Women, Disabled, and/or Disadvantaged owner status)
  7. Knowledge: Does the company provide a complete, thorough, and easy to understand list of their background services with detailed search descriptions, including the source of information?
  8. Knowledge: Are they able to readily explain each of their services in a clear, concise manner?
  9. Compliance: Does the company clearly understand the FCRA and applicable state laws that govern our industry?
  10. Quality Control: How are search results handled before returning the background report to the client?
  11. Privacy: Does the company have established privacy and security policies and procedures in place to ensure confidentiality?
  12. Technology: Do they provide a flexible, web-based secure background screening system?


Taking the time to carefully evaluate your potential background screening partner is simply time well spent for a lasting and rewarding relationship.

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We believe in accountability to our clients for both exceptional customer service and due-diligent screening. If you are not 100% completely

satisfied with any of our services for any reason, we will buy back the services you ordered for that applicant!


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"I am grateful to you for the excellent work that we turn out because you do such an excellent job on your end. We are a very good fit and I appreciate the extra time you make for us. We've not had any backgrounds come back on us when we've had to do an update and that says a lot."


Director of Security

National Bottling Company